No Job Too Big

No job too big

Project: No Job Too Big

Challenge: Replace ten old traditional skylights with energy-efficient, solar-powered operable skylights that open to let fresh air inside to home.

Product: Ten Solatube Solar-Powered Fresh Breeze Skylights.


Solatube Premier Dealer Installer: Solatube Home

Homeowners Sandra and Kevin always dreamed of renovating their home with design elements that focused on a healthy lifestyle fueled by the Southern California sunshine and coastal breezes.

So, when renovations began, they knew that their ten outdated and broken skylights were the first things that had to go.

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To improve the home’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and air quality, Solatube Premier Dealer, Solatube Home, replaced all ten outdated traditional skylights with operable, Solatube solar-powered Fresh Breeze skylights.

More than just daylight – The remote-controlled skylights not only brighten the home with brilliant natural light but also easily open to let fresh air in, ridding the home of pollutants that can build up from daily living.

This type of ventilation is extremely important in homes with high ceilings as it can create natural airflow inside the home to cool the entire home. Known as the chimney effect, this method of passive ventilation takes advantage of hot air naturally rising and gathering at the ceiling.

This dual solution doesn’t require electricity, so it saves energy and cuts down on carbon monoxide emissions.

As an added benefit, purchasing the energy-efficient, solar-powered Fresh Breeze Skylight made homeowners Sandra and Kevin eligible for a 26% federal tax credit on the product and installation of the system.

Refreshing the space – The breathtaking aesthetics that these skylights provide not only adds value by making the home feel larger but forms a full-sensory connection to the outdoors while creating a healthier indoor environment.

Do you have an old skylight in your home that could use an upgrade?

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